The course aims to address Global Platforms (GPs) economic challenges by providing an opportunity to share ideas, develop contextual business models, equip participants with relevant knowledge, skills and best practices around Global Platforms economic sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship.

This course is a road map to economic sustainability. You will be able to develop comprehensive economic sustainability document with modules on:

· GP Economic Context Analysis.
· GP Economic Sustainability Approaches.
· GP Risk Analysis.
· GP Economic Sustainability Plan.

Type of Course: Self Paced

  • Introduction
  • GP Economic Problem Analysis
  • GP Economic Problem Analysis
  • GP Economic Needs and Assets Analysis
  • GP Economic Needs & Assets Analysis template
  • GP Economic SWOT Analysis
  • GP Economic SWOT Analysis Template
  • GP Economic Stakeholders Analysis
  • GP Economic Stakeholders Analysis Template_ Economic Sustainabili[...].docx
  • GP Strategic Financial Plan
  • GP Strategic Financial Plan Template
  • GP Donors' Diversification
  • GP Donors' Diversification Template
  • Sound Administration of Finance
  • GP Sound Administration of Finance Template
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • GP Social Social Entrepreneurship Template
  • ActionAid Lean Business
  • Economic Risk Analysis & Sustainability Plan
  • GP Economic Risk analysis & Sustainability Plan Template
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed